Albert Richards


CEO & Founder

Albert Richards is a 20-year veteran of the financial services industry. Before starting Alambic Investment Management to develop systematic stock selection strategies, he perfected the art of tearing apart financial statements to find value and opportunity.

Brian Thompson


Chief Risk Officer & Founder

Brian Thompson is Alambic’s President and Chief Risk Officer. A perpetual academic, Brian routinely immerses himself in novel areas of study and pursues them to mastery. He is adept at relating complex concepts to the uninitiated and his

Alla Yakov-Collins

Chief Financial Officer

We are an organization of engineers and math geeks, dedicated to constant improvement, and we all really like precision. Alla Yakov-Collins joined Alambic in 2016 and took our obsession with precision to a whole new level. As our CFO, Alla keeps the business accounts running smoothly,

Scott Mc Bride

Quantitative Strategist

Scott McBride is a Quantitative Strategist. Scott put his Electrical Engineering degree to work in Hardware Equity Research for seven years before joining Alambic as a Founder and Lead Computer Geek.

Matt Dolan

Quantitative Strategist & COO

Matthew Dolan always has a smile on his face. We actually asked him to stop smiling for this picture. Matt joined Alambic in 2015 as a Quantitative Strategist and brings a rich background in process engineering as well as

George Pau

Quantitative Strategist

George Pau joined Alambic as a Quant Strategist in 2017. Prior to joining Alambic, Mr. Pau was a Research Scientist and Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he lead a research team tasked with leveraging machine learning in computational modeling of environmental phenomena.

Mary Houle Phillips

Chief Compliance Officer

Mary Phillips is Alambic’s Chief Compliance Officer and joined the firm in 2009. Bert and Mary worked together at Salomon Brothers in London before they both returned to the US and, coincidentally, settled in the Bay Area.

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